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With over 12 years of progressive technical experience, I am a well-established IT professional seeking a challenging position as a Quality Analyst. I have a strong background in configuration, troubleshooting, administration, and maintenance support for various technologies, making me adept at handling the needs of small, medium, and corporate enterprise environments.


My expertise lies in testing web applications, mobile applications, and REST/SOAP API systems within large digital commerce systems. I possess solid skills in using automation testing tools like Selenium WebDriver and JMeter, enabling me to efficiently perform testing tasks. I am proficient in writing automation test scripts using Java, JUnit, and TestNG. My testing experience encompasses a wide range of methodologies, including black-box, white-box, gray-box, user acceptance, regression, and functional testing.


As a Quality Analyst, I am eager to work in a team-oriented environment that fosters smart work, continuous learning, and self-motivation. I am particularly excited to leverage my extensive experience as a Performance Tester, ensuring that my skills are fully utilized.


In summary, I bring a wealth of technical experience and expertise to the role of Quality Analyst. With my strong background in configuration, troubleshooting, administration, and maintenance support, coupled with my skills in testing web applications, mobile applications, and API systems, I am well-prepared to contribute to a company's quality assurance efforts. I am confident in my ability to thrive in a team environment that values continuous learning and innovation.


Technical Skills:

  • Performance Testing: Extensive knowledge and experience in performance testing using JMeter, including enhancing and executing performance test scripts, designing and running test scenarios through the Performance Center/Controller, and analyzing results to provide reports.
  • Protocols: Proficient in working with protocols like Web (HTTP/HTML) and Web Services, enabling testing of various types of applications and services.
  • Test Scripting: Skilled in implementing advanced scripting techniques such as correlation, parameterization, rendezvous, checkpoints, and error handling, with experience in standardizing scripting practices.
  • Performance Testing Phases: Proficient in conducting different performance testing phases, including sanity testing, smoke testing, load testing, stress testing, and endurance testing for comprehensive performance evaluation of applications under different conditions.
  • Workload Modeling: Capable of designing workload models for load testing and executing load tests to gather observations for understanding performance characteristics and identifying bottlenecks.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Effective coordination with stakeholders, including development and business teams, to understand business requirements and set up suitable performance testing environments.
  • Metrics Analysis: Experienced in analyzing client-side and server-side metrics to identify performance issues and optimize application performance.
  • Test Documentation: Proficient in preparing test plans, test summary reports, and test closure reports, ensuring comprehensive documentation of the performance testing process and outcomes.
  • Collaboration with Development Teams: Skilled in working closely with development teams to resolve performance issues and improve application performance, demonstrating effective teamwork and problem-solving abilities.
  • Quick Learning and Adaptability: Exhibiting quick learning abilities and a zeal to learn new technologies, which is essential in the dynamic field of performance testing where new tools and techniques emerge regularly.



  • Test case preparation based on functional specifications.
  • Coordinating with the project team to achieve project milestones.
  • Assisting Business Analysts in requirement gathering, and analysis.
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Requirement Gathering, Analysis, and SRS Preparation


Functional Testing


Define Test Scope, Test Plan, Test Case Preparation


Exploratory Testing


Integration Testing


Compatibility Testing


Build Verification


Usability Testing


Adhoc Testing




Regression Testing


Interactive Communication with the Development Team for Knowledge Transfer and Quality Improvement


Verification of Client Deliverables for Each Patch or Upgrade


API Testing